Embroidered secrets and a patchwork of lies. Can she weave together the truth before her life unravels?

Alex Bailey is trying to put her past behind her. Struggling with the dubious practices of her NYC law firm, she’s left her high-flying career and is eager to clear her conscience with a trip home to care for her adoptive grandmother. But when a key figure drops dead at a quilting meeting, the shocked lawyer suspects someone is covering up murder. 

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As she delves into the deceased woman’s life, Alex uncovers clues that prove the elderly lady’s death was no accident. And when her old employer’s stained history weaves into the culprit’s devious handiwork, she vows to stay alive long enough to expose a heartless killer.

Can Alex get to the bottom of a sinister pattern before she ends up buried in a flower garden?

Sewing Suspicion is the captivating first book in the A Quilting Cozy Mystery series. If you like haunted heroines, pulse-pounding twists, and intriguing puzzles, then you’ll love Kathryn Mykel’s cleverly woven tale. 

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